SF Bay Area dog trainer leading through advocacy, empowerment, and education. I specialize in training for:

Fearful / reactive dogs

Fearful: You want to build his confidence, help him enjoy walks, get him used to the things that are pushing him over the edge. How can you help him to feel safer every day?

Reactive: The daily struggle of making it from A to B without your dog exploding at something or someone or some dog. You want to give your dog exercise, to fulfill their needs, but they're making it virtually impossible.

Impolite pups

You are beginning to dread having people over. Your wish your friends could love your dog as much as you do, but she is a canine bulldozer with no regard for personal space.  She is SUCH a lover, but not everyone appreciates a canine tongue in their mouth. She wants to be on a lap, but she's 70lbs. She does zoomies around the living room and the furniture is her trampoline.

Puppies and new owners

You're ready to set yourself up for success, but there's so much information out there, it's impossible to know where to begin!  You were kind of prepared for puppyhood, but the pottie training, the biting, the eating of random objects and — it's all starting to feel like you never have a second to rest.  Socialization — it's that word you know is important, but how do you do it right, without screwing up your dog?

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