Dog Training to fit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for obedience training, behavior modification or just got a new puppy, Lonely Hunters Dog Training will work with you to develop a program for you and your dog.

Fearful / reactive dogs

You wanted a walking buddy and now you miss how easy walks used to be.  You've never had a dog that reacted like this before and you're starting to dread taking him out for exercise.

You feel isolated and embarrassed, but you're not alone, there are plenty of people struggling with this same issue.  Let's talk and get you some help and support today!


  • Clear communication
  • The right tools for you and your dog
  • Loose leash walking and heeling
  • Stepping up to the leadership role
  • Advocating for your dog
  • Socialization — what is the solution for now?
  • Structure inside the home and on a walk
  • Moving past "paralysis" (fearful or reactive)
  • Stranger Danger
  • Building Trust with dogs and people

Impolite pups

That expression "bull in a china shop" sums up your dog in most social situations.  You're struggling to teach her basic manners, like not to pull on a leash or jump up on people.  It can't be that hard...right?  Some dogs have a naturally exuberant personality that makes teaching these skills more of a challenge.  You feel like you've exhausted your efforts and are still struggling?  There's still hope, we can help him become that model citizen you've always wanted him to be.


  • Sit/stay and down/stay
  • "Wait" at thresholds
  • Heeling
  • Back up
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Look/Watch
  • Recall (come when called)
  • Place (go to and stay)


  • Front (coming into front position and sitting facing you)
  • Flip (coming into heel position with verbal cue)
  • Touch (touch nose to hand or other target)

Puppies and new owners

Who knew getting a puppy could be so complicated!  The internet is a rabbit hole full of conflicting information.  You want to do this right, you're an "ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" type of person.  You want to be prepared and to have access to information and advice when you need it.  We can do this together, it doesn't have to be a daunting task - getting a puppy is exciting and fun!


  • What to expect from a puppy
  • The right breed for you and your family
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Prevention and Proactive Parenting
  • Clear communication
  • Pottie Training
  • Setting up for success in the home
  • Safer Socialization

Training Programs Offered